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MIAMI GRANDSTAND ENTERTAINMENT leading installer of bleachers, stadium, grandstand and press boxes. We offer: Break-down and removal or demolition of existing bleachers systems that are hazardous. Re-locate existing bleachers or grandstands that are to be used a new area. Renovate existing systems to meet a new code requirement for bleachers. Repairs of existing bleachers that meet code but are in need attention Addition of ADA seating (Americans with Disabilities Act) to existing bleachers systems that do not meet the requirements.

Our bleachers rental projects include providing rental bleachers grandstands for shows, parades, marathons, sporting events, and political speaking events. Our aluminum rental bleachers are assembled on site which allows us to install in locations. We offer indoor and outdoor rental bleachers sating options.

We provide premier fabrication and welding services of all types of alloys including steel, stainless steel and aluminum, as well as, the fabrication of small o repair places to heavy industrial steel.